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Oganes E. Dilanyan
Urologist, MD, PhD
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Russia, Moscow, Maliy Ivanovskii lane 11/6 b.1
24 24 hour reception
Оганес Эдуардович Диланян
Хирург–уролог–онколог, к.м.н.

Что бы я хотел рассказать Вам, моему пациенту о себе? Что я квалифицированный специалист, имеющий классическое академическое образование и большой опыт? Что стажировался на Западе, написал ряд статей или являюсь членом нескольких урологических ассоциаций? Да, все это, безусловно, важно.

Но, на мой взгляд, гораздо важнее другое: вышеперечисленное позволило мне стать для каждого моего пациента «знакомым врачом». Врачом, который перед любой рекомендацией, будь то хирургическое лечение или назначение лекарств, подумает: «а что бы я сделал, если бы вместо пациента сидел мой родственник?»

Записавшись ко мне на консультацию, Вы можете быть уверены, что я Вас приму своевременно, уделю максимальное внимание и предложу лучший вариант лечения.

Городская клиническая больница им. А.К. Ерамишанцева
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Artyom R.

Review from Prodoctorov.ru website

I contacted Dr.Oganes a few years ago with a rather unpleasant male problem. I cannot remember the exact name of it but my wife was seriously doubting her choice of life partner when it came to night time activities. Unlike other doctors, Oganes made the correct diagnosis and solved my problem very promptly although hearing him say “We will operate” after examining me frightened me a little initially. Now I am happy to watch my daughter grow and realise that had it not been for Dr Oganes things might not have had such a happy ending. In addition I would like to say that Dr. Oganes also helped my father, a man that has great mistrust in medicine, to combat his kidney stones and became the only doctor that my father trusts.  

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Olga K.

Review from Prodoctorov.ru website
My family has known Dr. Dilanyan for 6 years. I say “family” because I am able to use this term only thanks to him. He was recommended to me by another great doctor, a gynaecologist, E. Govorkova. I had very high white blood cell count in the urine, which almost permanently remained at 17000 mark and sometimes more. I had cystitis which did not only start from intercourse with my husband once in the blue moon but no longer went away at all, and got worse following intercourse. I was 33, it was 2010. My attempts to get pregnant were unsuccessful and gynaecologists could not help me due to my urine test results and constant inflammation. I saw 3 urologists, who looked at me with a dull expression, sighed and wrote “other chronic cystitis” in my notes and prescribed “Phytolysin”, herbs and antibiotics never even offering a follow up consultation while they sat in their huge leather chairs behind the oak desks with palm trees in the office and little fountains in the waiting rooms. Not a single one of them examined me even once. My gynaecologist advised me to see Dr. Dilanyan and I am grateful to her ever since. I rang him. His consultations took place very far away in the middle of nowhere in an old aviation hospital in Sokolniki where he occupied an old and simple consultation room. He examined me, performed an ultrasound scan and explained in great detail what was wrong with me. He sent me for a CT scan to a specific specialist and explained what I needed to do. As a result all the tests were done very quickly and with no hassle and another potential serious problem was quickly ruled out. Diagnosis was made of advanced gaping urethra. The solution was surgery with urethral transposition. While I was getting ready for my surgery my husband continued to be investigated for fertility issues by urologists and andrologists. Semen analysis, ultrasounds and other tests. His semen analysis results were not great and every subsequent one was worse than the one before. Ultrasound did not show anything. I mentioned this to Dr. Dilanyan during one of my consultations. He asked my husband, who was waiting for me outside to come in and see him. 10 minutes later I hear him exclaim “bingo” and varicocele diagnosis was made. My husband had his surgery before me.  My husband is 31. Intricate Marmar operation was performed under spinal anaesthetic. After the operation I immediately received a phone call to inform me the operation went well. He stayed in hospital for 1 night in a clean room with very friendly medical staff. Recovery took 1.5 days. He was fully recovered after about 6 months. Sperm quality gradually improved over this period of time and was back to normal after 6 months. My operation for urethral transposition was also performed under spinal anaesthetic and I spent 1 day in hospital. The staff were very attentive and the food was very good too. The operation was not the easiest as my case was quite complicated as they come.  I recovered very well with no post-operative pain.  Mucous membranes recovery went well under doctor’s control and he also kept in touch with my gynaecologist and gastroenterologist as I have an ulcer. I was fully recovered 7 months later. I have not had a single relapse and my sex life is great. And I had a baby at last. I still call Dr. Oganes with any questions I have. I will never use any other urologist. Over the past 6 years I recommended this great doctor to my friends several times. They are all very grateful for the chance to know this doctor.  Thank you Dr. Oganes for our family! You are a very skilful and attentive professional. Precise work, quick diagnosis and no unnecessary tests. Dr. Oganes does not make his patients run around and deals with a lot of things over the phone. He is very polite. He explains everything in simple terms. He is a very attentive doctor and never abandons his patients after the surgery has been done. He always rings to check up on them.

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